OTVG (Online Translation Video Games / Broadcast video game in real time) 

Look directly from our website http://www.xboxgames.org.ua or click on the link " watch the games " and you are redirected Twitch.Posle view a small advertising can watch online the next generation of games on platforms like Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4.

Reliable Transmission: Prepare Schedule.

ATTENTION !!! Games can be an age limit between 3 and 21 years. More  pegi.info

Watch live video from Pplco on www.twitch.tv

Partners  :

Watch live video from Maximilian_DOOD on www.twitch.tv

Official Xbox channel:

Watch live video from Xbox on www.twitch.tv

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Twitch (also known as Twitch.tv) - a leading [1] website videostrimingovoy platform where the main theme strimming - playing video and streaming eSports tournaments. The site launched in June 2011. The site justin.tv, especially for streaming streaming video games in order to differentiate the traffic and release the key servers [2] [3].

Service is sometimes used as an informal presentation of the products. For example, Microsoft aired gameplay on the Xbox 360 is not released at the time, MMO - World of Tanks [4].

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